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Today’s eNews is not about the programs we are offering, leadership tips, teambuilding effectiveness or any other topics I typical share. Today I would like you to read about a woman’s journey in search of healing and ask for your support in her continued healing.

Two years ago, Julie came to my farm for a personal retreat. She had heard me speak at a convention and was determined to work with the horses. In Julie’s heart she just knew the horses would help her heal. The healing, however, didn’t come. What came to light was how difficult life was for Julie, her struggle to stay present in the moment, to embrace her joy without passing out, and to be in the presence of something she desired (the horses) and to embrace good things in her life. She did not feel worthy of good, and had experienced unbelievable amounts of abuse and trauma.

Julie’s challenges required a therapist. I referred her to a wonderful therapist who became an increditable inspiration to her. Over time her therapist discovered that Julie’s issues are extremely deep and require intense therapy. Julie suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on a grand scale. She has difficulty staying present without passing out, suffers from constant flashbacks, nightmares and rarely gets more than 2 hours of sleep each night. Her condition makes it nearly impossible to hold a job, or find the healing support she so desperately needs.

Julie is an amazing person! In dealing with the high’s and low’s associated with PTSD, she never gives up hope and works VERY hard at her healing in ways that are available to her. She experiences many times of hopeless, but somehow she gains the strength to overcome and move forward as best as she can. Julie is the strongest person I know, and deserves to be free of the trauma that has gripped her life for some many years.

Julie recently lost another job, due to her PTSD, yet she continues to search for a way to heal and become whole. She did research of many facilities that could possible aid in her healing and found the cost to be in excess of $1,000 a day or $30,000 a month. Difficult for anyone to pay let alone someone without a job and severe PTSD.

In her research Julie started corresponding with a woman who also suffered from PTSD at one time in her life. Together with her husband and the horses she found a way to heal and founded Healing Horses in Fort Mill, South Carolina ( Through Julie’s prayers an amazing thing happened. This gracious woman has given Julie an incredible gift – the opportunity to come to South Carolina at no cost to work with her, her husband and the horses to begin a process of healing from the terrible past that has consumed her life. Shortly after hearing of this gift, a friend of Julie’s who lives in that area offered to let Julie stay in her home while she is healing at the facility for as long as it takes. Devine intervention for sure – Julie’s healing journey is about to move forward.

The challenge is getting Julie to SC and having money to live during her healing process at Healing Horses. This is where my request comes in….. I am asking for your financial support in whatever amount that would be comfortable for you to assist Julie in her healing journey. She will need money for gas, car payment/insurance, food, etc.

There are many of us who care for Julie and have been doing everything we know how to see her heal. So many pieces have fallen into place for this healing to take place. Julie’s desire is to heal herself in order for her to help others heal. She said, “I will pay it forward. I want to help others because I do not want anyone to feel the way I feel today and I want to give back.”

Julie feels incredibly vulnerable, she has difficulty in asking and accepting support from others. She has agreed to allow me to ask for support on her behalf to help her healing journey move forward, “I’ve come too far to turn back now, Sue. I need all the support, prayers and good energy I can gather to beat this.”

You support in any way possible is appreciated. Also if you can find it in your heart to share Julie’s story with your circle of family, friends and business associates I would be grateful. Keeping the ‘good' energy flowing in support of Julie’s healing is important…. And someone in may just want to “pay it forward” themselves.

Our goal is to raise at least $2,000 to support Julie in both getting to SC and living expenses for the first month of her journey. Anything above that will help her to stay as long as the healing process takes.

Please send your support in any amount to Sue Thomas, 4637 Streeter Road, Mantua, OH 44255, please include your email address if you would like to receive updates on Julies healing journey. All names and amounts will be kept anonymous, unless you would like Julie to know that you make a donation to her healing. Additionally, an account is being setup that Julie will be able to access via a debit card. Let me assure you, Julie is very frugal and will use the money for healing process.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story of courage, faith and hope. Blessings to all.

Sue E. Thomas, MSODA, BA
Professional Certified Coach 

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July 2013

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