Ripple effect of the heat wave

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The heat is taking its toll not just on people's attitude, health & wellbeing but also on the farms, crops and it will soon be affecting most homes and budgets. 

For us.... we finally got hay in for the winter which is a relief.  Our supplier of 5 years couldn't fill our needs so finding hay was difficult.  Anyone that uses hay knows that with drought comes lower supply and higher prices.  2nd cutting hay typically produces 100 bales an acres but this year is yielding 10 bales! 

How will the hot weather affect you?    

1.  Corn & hay are not producing their average yield due to the drought.  Crops across the country are producing lower volumes (across the US 60% lower corn volume), and farmers will have difficulties feeding the animals over the winter.  The experts say all of this will lead to food inflation on everything from a hamburger to a gallon of milk.    

2.  Low rain, low rivers & lakes.  Industries that depend on water transportation will have to find other alternatives.  Fishing will take a toll as will the ability to move freight through the lakes.  Boating industry will be affected as will the suppliers of those industries.

3.  Power companies relying on hydroelectric power will need to find alternative sources of power, with the cost being passed onto the consumers.

4.  Water companies will have to spend money on new or additional water supplies

5.  Anxiety & depression due to lost incomes, higher cost of living and potentially more lost jobs.

The above are just a few that come to mind and what I've heard in the news.  The drought can produce a domino effect that will touch nearly everyone's life in one way or another if it continues. 

Take time to consider the effects on you personally.... your business... your employee's....

What steps can you take to prepare?

  • Budget & maintain it
  • Shop for bargains in meat, vegetables and freeze them for later in the year
  • Talk about your concerns with your employees, spouse, and family to bring awareness to the potential.
  • Solicit advise & ideas on savings at home and at work
  • Look at alternative suppliers or sources that maybe effected
  • Buy locally to support your community
  • Notice changes in behaviors & attitudes.  Talk to people when you see a change.
  • Spend less.  Is it a must have or want to have item?  If it's a want, skip it for now.

Times have been tough for the past 4 years and the economy is trying to jumpstart.  The weather has the potential to hinder the recovery we all desire but we can plan ahead.  If we get rain.... wodnerful!  If not, we are all further ahead by thinking about possibilities now.

Share your thoughts of how you might be affected by the weather and coping strategies.  I'd love to hear from you.

In the meantime... run through a sprinkler like you did as a child... splash in the hose... get the kiddy pool out for the dogs & sit with them... and keep smiling!  There are so many things to be grateful for.... this is just another speed bump in life that we can manage.

Sue E. Thomas, MSODA, BA
Professional Certified Coach 

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July 2012

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