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Anyone living in NE Ohio knows that 2011 was a record breaking year for precipitation. We exceeded the record established in 1870 by 11 1/2”. 

We had 65.32” of snow or rain, surpassing the previous record by 39.14” and set  records for 6 of the 12 months. The ground is SATURATED!  When you walk outside, you leave indentations on the ground and many times the grass gets riped out by the roots. The trees that tower over the farm typically bend in the wind, but now they struggle to keep their roots attached to the earth... some lose their life to the strong winds, and saturated ground .  

It literally felt like we were under water. We had few times when it wasn’t raining or snowing and very little time to dry out before the next onslaught hit the ground. 

After feeding the horses this morning and walking back to the office in today’s torrential down pour, I pondered the saturation of the ground and its metaphorical power.

Last year was a saturation of business, added stalls to the barn & got a new horse, family and friend concerns; some were life threatening and some took the lives of loved ones, a horse with a pulled tendon & on stall rest for 10 months, I stretched myself to explore emotions that had been locked inside, challenged myself to put  some lost pieces  back into place, and there were many happy times sprinkled throughout the year too. 

Life in 2011 was much like the earth. It was saturated with many experiences that challenged my very roots, challenging me to hold onto the ground under my feet and right myself when the strong winds blew.  I know many of you experienced challenges and stress too.

We can’t stop the rain & snow from falling to the ground, or eliminate the saturation the grass and stress we experience, but we can dry out our own roots and give ourselves stronger ground to grab hold of and keep ourselves upright. 

This time of year is perfect for take stock of the past, notice what kept your roots firmly planted in the ground and discover how you nourished yourself during the challenging times. If we keep moving so hard & fast without reflecting on the past, and all we’ve accomplished, we too become like the tress standing in water for months… eventually our roots will lose their grip and the next strong wind will take us down… physically or emotionally. 

I like to review the past year and answer these questions (don’t forget to consider  all areas of your life: business, personal, family, friends, financial, etc.):

1.    What am I grateful for in 2011?
2.    What do I consider my greatest accomplishments in 2011?
3.    During times of stress and challenges, how did I take care of myself?
4.    Did I allow myself enough time to replenish and recharge after these times?
5.    What can I do differently to support myself during stress & challenges?
6.    Where/ Who is my support system? Did I have the right/sufficient support?
7.    What do I need in 2012 to nourish & keep myself strong?

There are no quick fixes or easy answers, the quickest answer to making your life what you want it to be is to reflect on what worked, what didn’t, experiment, gain more self-awareness and be sure you have a great support system in place.

Life will always provide challenges and stress… it’s how we respond to them that makes the difference!

Wishing you a drier 2012 where you dig your roots deeper and bend like the mighty oak when the strong winds blow.

Sue E. Thomas
Professional Certified Coach 

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January 2012

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