I am grateful to each of you!

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Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting and acknowledging the many blessings in our lives so we can continue to manifest more of them. Why not reserve more than one day a year to notice and honor all that is important to you?

It's easier now than ever before to make a date with yourself more than one time a year to reflect on the blessings in your life. Schedule a date for yourself in your Blackberry, Outlook, I-Phone, paper calendar (yes, people still use the good old standby paper method) or whatever system you use and give yourself 5 minutes 4 times a year to notice what is important to you.

And take it one step further.  Challenge yourself to be vulnerable and TELL people that you are grateful for them in your life and why.  If you take this little challenge, just notice what difference it makes inside of you.  Notice how others take in the information of your gratitude for them.  Do not limit it to just your family but extend your gratitude to your friends, employees, and co-workers.  What might be different in you, in the world, if you expressed gratitude when a person touches your life at the moment it happens?  

Who are you blessed to have in your life? What are you grateful for? Take 5 minutes and make your list, then go tell a few people that you enjoy having them in your life. Spread some positive energy through your part of the world and together we can make a positive ripple effect that can reach beyond our dreams!

This is just a part of my gratitude list this year:  

I am filled with gratitude for:

  • My business partner and friend, Mary!  I am grateful for every person that was in place on November 8th, to keep you on this earth.  We have many more things to do and lives to touch with our work.  I am so grateful for your support and love in my life. 
  • Knowing and being touched to my core by Georgianne, who now has a beautiful set of angel wings.  You are missed... yet I hear you when I need you.
  • Each of you reading this right now, for you too have touched my life.
  • Every person who joined me in an workshop with the horses, for having the courage to dig deep, challenge yourself and allowing me to witness the  transformations in you..
  • The ability to do work I love with the animals that so graciously live in the moment and teach so much.
  • My wonderful parents who are healthy and can still work circles around me and people half my age!
  • Jim, my loving, supportive and wonderful husband who grounds me when I need it, gives me wings when I need to fly and is always there for me unconditionally.
  • Jenny, who is carrying our next grandchild, is a loving mother to our granddaughter and her fun loving husband Dave.
  • Charley, who is a fantastic son, loving father and who makes a difference as a mentor to the many children in his life.
  • Terri & Jon, Lauren and Josh! Our lives have become richer the past 8 years and will continue to grow more special with each passing day.
  • The men & women serving our country who give unselfishly of themselves.
  • To all that provide encouragement when times get difficult, laughter to lighten things up, a swift kick to move me out of my rut and forward when I need it, and always with kindness and in the name of friendship.  I am blessed by your presence.
  • My family, friends, associates, clients, and neighbors for all the gifts you provide me in so many ways.
  • Waking up this morning, to see, hear and touch the beauty around me.
  • The ability to walk to the barn, smell the crisp morning air, feel nuzzle of my horse on my face; hear the birds call to me, the ability to lift a bale of hay to feed the horses, and to watch them run through the pasture.
  • The stillness, silence, and peace of the land we shepherd.
  • Our wonderful golden treasures that add so much love & joy to our lives.
  • The great horned owl in the woods, the resident hawks who continue to guide me, the deer, the migrating birds, the geese that always remind me of hope, and the many other creatures that allow us to share their space with them.
  • The abundance that is in my life and continues to show up.

When we are positive, we radiate positive energy to others and we can create unique a ripple effect. Imagine the possibilities!

Bill Keane, Family Circus 11/17/08 wrote "Your day goes the way the corners of your mouth turn. So smile." and spread the positive energy around.

With gratitude, thanks, and blessings for being part of my life!


Have a Safe and Wonder-filled Thanksgiving!

Sue E. Thomas
Professional Certified Coach 

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SueThomas@LeadershipEAD.com  if you have others, please delete them.

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