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After attending a 3 day horse riding clinic in August I did what I've wanted to do for several years, develop a workshop focusing on Communication.  In the clinic I learned I was sending Jazz messages that were unclear and confusing, which is much the same I see with my coaching and workshops participants.

In our workshops nearly everyone has difficulties when I impose the "NO talking" rule during specific activities.  During the debriefing of the activity we always hear  "We were unsuccessful because we couldn't talk".  With communication being a minimum of 80% body language and 10% words (current surveys differ on the percentage), what holds people back from communicating when they can't use words?  In today's every evolving technology with email, cell phones, IPad, and texting how much are we truly communication to one another?  And how much are we being understood?

We explore different communication patterns in "An Eye on Communication" workshop with our horse partners.  Horses know the difference between your intention, your actions, and what you are saying. They provide results based on how you are communication which provides opportunities to experiment and learn new ways to clarify your messages.

Join us for one of our open enrollment workshop or schedule a private session for your company, team or group.

Are your messages received and understood?  Are they clear and consistent producing results you desire?  Does your non-verbal match your verbal message? 

With words being less than 10% of the communication process.... how much of this message did you actually receive?   

Sue E. Thomas
Professional Certified Coach 

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Our 4th SAL Leadership Workshop for Women at the Buffalo Ranch

We finished conducting our 4th Leadership Workshop for Indiana Apartment Association and we are scheduled for 2012 already.  The 14 new SAL participants enjoyed time with the horses and were thrilled at watching the Buffalo move from one pasture to another at Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve.  We were delighted to have 18 Alumni return to deepen leadership skills and recognize what is important in their lives. 

See some of the Workshop pictures posted on our FaceBook page.


October 2011

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