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A lot of things have been happening, some exciting and well, one that is not so exciting but very important to the work we do at the farm. 

Late 2010 I changed the company name from M-A-P, LLC to LeadershipEAD, LLC. This was done to reflect our primary focus of business using “Horsepower to transforming the personal and professional arenas of your life”. We continue to develop new workshops, retreats, and events that focus on experiential learning with the horses that provides lasting and meaning change and learning. 

Please update your contact information for us and continue to stay connected by visiting our website at www.LeadershipEAD.com. My primary email address is SueThomas@LeadershipEAD.com, while the previous information you have is still working contacting me with the above email is preferred.

We have added some tools to help us stay connected and provide information of value to you.  You will see on the right side on the newsletter the Facebook and You Tube icons. We are posting updates on new events, workshop schedules, the happenings with the herd, useful information on leadership, teambuilding, professional and personal development and other topics of interest on Facebook. And we will be adding more video clips to You Tube that will be fun and educational. Staying in touch is easy when you become our Our Friend on FaceBook.

In February we became a partner with Winning with Horse Power. Their purpose is on “Advancing the awareness of the amazingly powerful resource of equine experiential learning and connecting businesses, organizations and individuals with providers around the world.” On May 24th they will be at the 2011 ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) International Conference and Exposition in Orlando, Florida. Winning with Horse Power will be presenting a live learning session with miniature horses. So if you are attending the ASTD Conference this year visit them in Booth #1929.

We are excited to continue our work with Indiana Apartment Association for the 4th year. In 2008 IAA contacted us to develop and conduct a leadership workshop with the assistance of our powerful horse friends. The SAL Advanced Leadership Conference for Women was developed to honor of Sally Lentz-Crouse who was a pioneer for women in the real estate industry. We are honored to continue Sally’s work and provide the participants a unique leadership learning experience. View the 2010 video on FaceBook (scroll down to the March 1st posting) that was created by a participant of the SAL Leadership Conference for ideas on how we can create a special learning experience for your company, association, club or retreat.

On a rather different note, our wonderful partner Flash had an ultrasound on Friday and was diagnosed with tendentious in his left front leg. 

He is on anti-inflammatory medication, has his leg iced 30 minutes a day, then bandaged for a 24 hour period. Flash is on stall rest with only 10 minutes of hand walking a day and no turnout. He is a trouper but does miss going outside. After 30 days he will have a follow-up ultrasound to evaluate his progress and determine his healing plan. Basically he is out of work for the next 4-6 months. Flash has been instrumental in expanding the awareness and learning of everyone that interacts with him. He is an amazing animal with much to give and he will be missed while on medical leave. You can follow Flash’s progress on Facebook too! He has been receiving lots of healing wishes which I attribute to the reduced swelling in his leg. Keep the healing energy coming and Flash will be back enjoying the work he loves real soon. 

Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you at the farm soon.  Flash will be waiting for you!   

Sue E. Thomas
Professional Certified Coach

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March 2011

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