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We are a family of card and game players. It is one of the most wonderful gifts that my parents have passed along to me. My mom and dad taught me to play euchre, cribbage and poker...just to name a few. They also taught me the value of playing cards as a great way of socializing with friends and relaxing too. It's amazing to me how many life lessons are available to us in a game of cards. My latest reminder is this weeks message in the Friday News Minute.  

Once You Make a Commitment to Something -- Stick With It

I was playing a game of poker that allows you to switch out cards as the hand is being dealt. I initially decided to go for a straight, 5 cards in a row of any suit. I needed just a 3 to complete my straight. As I watched the other players receive their cards I noticed that three of the four 3's were already dealt. The last switch of cards was about to take place and I changed my mind and decided not to go for the straight.

I threw away one of the cards of my straight draw and tried for three of a kind...not sticking to the commitment I had made in the previous six cards that were dealt. As I looked at the last card dealt to me I began to remember the lesson of commitment. The card that I was dealt was a 3 of clubs and I had nothing to do but throw away my cards...and to kick myself as a reminder of making a commitment and sticking with it, no matter what.

"When work, commitment and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible."  - Vince Lombardi, Football Coach  

Football season is upon us and I am reminded of a story about another well-known and successful coach, Bobby Bowden of Florida State University. Each summer as Bowden's football team prepares for the upcoming season the Florida State University marching band, the Marching Chiefs, also practices in a nearby field for hours and hours each day.

As the band practices their music and marching routines, Bowden reminds his players of the commitment the Marching Chiefs make in supporting the team.  He challenges his players to be as committed as they are.

"Those young men and women should be an inspiration to you." Bowden told his players. "Their commitment to excellence is demonstrated day in and day out. It doesn't matter how hot or humid it is...they show up with a commitment to work hard and sweat their way to success." 

I doesn't matter whether you play football, play an instrument, work for yourself or work for an organization. Set goals, make a commitment and don't let anything (or anybody) stop you.

"Your own resolution to success is more important than any other other one thing." - Abraham Lincoln

Andrew Sanderbeck 

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