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A few weeks ago we went to the movie theatre in our hometown of Waynesville, North Carolina. There was a popular movie showing and I wanted to make sure that we received our tickets early. The movie was at 6:00 pm and I arrived around 1:30 after picking up some dry cleaning nearby.

"I'd like two tickets for the 6:00 pm movie." I said.

"There are no tickets available." the man behind the window said.

"Oh, you're sold out already." I responded a bit disappointed.

"No." The man replied. "We don't sell tickets until 2 hours before the movie begins."

"Really?" I said with a very surprise tone in my voice. "Can I just buy the tickets online when I get home?"

"We don't do that internet crap here." He said. And I walked away, amused at his comment.

We don't do that internet crap here 

We just came back from some relaxing time at the beach. Well, that was the goal of the trip. Rest and relaxation. I've been feeling the stresses of life lately, both phydsically and mentally. When our friends invited us to join them at Edisto Island in South really seemed like the best medicine for what was ailing me.

When we arrived at our room at the resort I got or luggage situated and grabbed my laptop to check on any important email that I may have missed during our 6 hour drive. Surprise #1. No internet in our room. As a matter of fact, the closest internet service was in the main building a few miles away.

I paused for a moment and thought to myself "I guess that don't do that internet crap here".  :>)

Oh, it gets worse. Surprise #2. They also don't do that cell phone signal here either. I learned that lesson just a few short minutes later. My iPhone was also now...useless.

Let me give you one perfect word to describe how I felt: Disconnected! What about my email? My voice mail messages? My websites that I look at everyday? What if *GASP* I would miss something important?

I was missing my connection! Day 1 at the bech was very different. I'm in the habit of accessing the internet at will. Through computer or phone...or in some way! Not today. What would I do? I quickly took note of my panicking thoughts.

And then...I had a wonderful thought! Andrew, you've come here for rest and relaxation.

Everyday around 4:00pm at Bay Point the dolphins would come to visit us. All we have to do is walk out on to the porch and watch the dolphins put on a show. They jumped and played. As many as 12 dolphins would visit our inlet in the afternoon. I watched the dolphins and thought...they certainly don't look stressed!

For four wonderful days...when I woke up in the morning I didn't check my email or look at the internet.

I went out on to the porch and sat in a chair facing the water. I listened to the waves and the birds. I watched the morning unfold. I did nothing. I remembered the power of being and not always doing. And in the process...I remembered how to rest and relax.

Every morning our friends would ask us "Want do you want to do day?"

We would smile at each other and reply "Nothing. What don't want to do anything." And we didn't.

When we returned home there were many emails and voice mails waiting. There were a few surprises and some quick actions and decisions that needed to be made. 

Somehow, the trip had done exactly what I wanted it to do. It helped me to find that place of relaxation and calm inside of myself. The decisions made that evening were made easily and effortlessly. There was a lot less stress in the face of these apparent emergencies.

And the next morning when I woke up...I didn't rush to the computer or to my phone. I sat out on our porch and watched the mountains wake-up. I listened to the birds and breeze. I remembered the beach and that great way to start my day: By doing nothing for at least a few minutes. 

And tomorrow...I will be on our porch again because I don't do that internet crap here when I wake-up.     

Andrew Sanderbeck 

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