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I've heard many times from friends, family and clients that they wish they could change.  My response to all of them is "what's holding you back?"  Well, when I'm talking with friends and family I try not to put my "coaching hat" but with clients it's what they desire from me.  To push them into thinking differently and explore what is holding them back from changing, getting more out of their life, sorting out their dreams and goals, pushing them into developing an action plan, supporting behavioial changes, and being with them as they move their goals into reality.

In an article published in the Akron Beacon Journal "Undecided?  Try a Coach" they talk about using a coach before making major life decisions but coaching has more valuable outcomes than just making decisions.  There are some many reasons people use coaching that it is hard to capture them all.  Below are some reasons people have come to me for coaching:  

  • Difficulties in their current job
  • Unclear how to move from one business into their dream of being an artist
  • No boundaries with their spouse, boss, children, parents, or self
  • Unhappy in their life, and no passion for anything
  • Plagued by "perfectionist" thinking that interfered with their job and ability to feel connected to what they do.
  • Anger issues
  • Business development skills and learning how to manage people.
  • Difficulties in dealing with stress of a new job
  • Communication concerns with their families, friends and children
  • Gain confidence
  • Unable to set goals and develop action
  • Need someone to hold them accountable while developing new business
  • Desire to learn what behaviors are holding them back in career
  • Develop new was of acting and being in relationship with business and personal associates
  • Healing the loss of a loved one
  • Developing a sense of commitment to themselves vs. caretaking to everyone else.
  • Being stuck
  • Looking for joy and happiness in their life

Life is short and each of us deserves to be happy and enjoy a life that nurtures our souls.  What's on your bucket list?  What's holding you back from making things happen? 

I fulfilled one of my dreams two weeks ago and thought I'd share this photo with you.  Do I look happy or what?  And if you think the picture was a one time fluke that caught me smiling you can Check out the video and see for yourself!  I loved it!

While coaching may be new to many of you, it is the fastest growing profession in the world and produces real results.  If you've pondered coaching or can relate to one of the bullets above, maybe coaching is right for you.  I have finished my coach training and am submitting my application to ICF for my Professional Coach Certification soon.  For more information on coaching visit International Coach Federation website or call me for a free coaching session to learn more. 

What's holding you back from living life to the fullest? 

Wishing you all that is good in life!

Sue E. Thomas

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