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Where would we be without our cell phones? Don't answer that question just yet!!

An iPhone or Blacberry for example, does much more than what we thought a phone could do. Its many applications and options provide seemingly endless amounts of information and entertainment in the palm of our hands.

This week in my Friday News Minute, I suggest that we go back to basics with our cell phones to make sure that we have some very important numbers programmed in to our devices.  

Look over the suggested list of phone numbers and start programming some or all of them this weekend. That way, when you have the urgent need to make the call you won't be panicking and/or wasting time looking and looking for the number!            

          21+ Phone Numbers to Program NOW in Your Cell Phone

  1. Local Fire Department - Because you may need them and it may not be enough of an emergency to call 911. Very good for those "cat stuck in the tree" and other interesting situations.
  2. Local Law Enforcement - Same reason as above...except for the cat. 
  3. Hospital(s) - These are great to have when and if an emergency arises for you or someone that you love and care about. It's much easier to have these programmed into your phone instead of frantically turning the pages of the phone book.
  4. ICE (In Case of Emergency) - If you’re ever in an accident and are incapacitated or worse, the authorities who find you will likely look for this entry in your cell phone contacts (and call it). Your spouse or a trusted relative capable of making decisions on your behalf is recommended.
  5. Taxi Company Dispatch - Just in case you find yourself stuck on the side of the road (or maybe you’ve had a few drinks after an especially trying day). Just press a few buttons and a cab will be on its way.
  6. Water and Electric Department - In case your water or power service are ever interrupted and you’d like to know why and when you can expect te service to be restored.
  7. Cable/Dish and/or Internet Provider - Your getting ready to watch your favorite TV program and the "snow or blue channel" is the only thing on. Or my personal favorite, you have something important you need to send via email to a client or friend and you quickly realize that you are not connected to the internet.
  8. Doctor and/or Pediatrician - When little Andrew suddenly breaks out in hives and you’d like to speak to somebody (but you don’t want to go to the emergency room or Urgent Care just yet), this is a good number to have.
  9. Poison Control - So, you think you little Timmy might’ve just ingested two big mouthfuls of Pine-Sol? Not sure if you should take him to the hospital? These people generally are very knowledgable and helpful - a must for the parents.
  10. Animal Control - This isn’t just for mountain lions, alligators and bears who show up on your property. Also good for that uncomfortable situation of your neighbor's dog or snake on the loose.
  11. Veterinarian's Office - You come home from doing some holiday shopping and find that your greyhound "Fred" has decided to enjoy the candy bars that were left under the Christmas tree. Since chocolate and dogs aren't a good mix, this is a perfect time to have this number handy. (A true story in case you were wondering. By the way, Fred was fine. Except for the crash in his energy when the sugar high was over.)
  12. Coworker or Boss - Because you don’t want to call the company switchboard to tell them you ran out of gas or got a flat tire on the Interstate. Get the direct line or their cell phone to call or text.
  13. Your Next-Door Neighbor - Hear about a house fire on the news? Give your next door neighbor a call or text and have him make sure your house is still standing (and offer to return the favor).
  14. Tow Truck Company - Preferably one that will drive long distances if need be. If you have AAA, program their number in your phone. 
  15. Automobile Insurance Agent - The first people you should call if you’re in an accident (unless somebody is hurt, then you call them second). They’ll tell you what to write down and if you need the police.
  16. Restaurants- Because once you find good places to eat, those are numbers worth keeping! (Especially when they want a reservation)
  17. Credit Card Companies - In case your Credit Cards are lost or stolen (or if they have messed up your bill again) you will want to have these phone numbers handy. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT put your Credit Card number in the notes section of your iPhone or Blackberry.
  18. Relevant Government Agencies - If you are a business owner, you understand just how screwed up government agencies can be...and how much extra work they can cause you with their "You didn't send this form in to us" letters. ("Oh, we're sorry. Now that you spent hours filling out this form, you didn't need to do it in the first place". Finding the agency phone number can be an extra headache.
  19. Cell Phone Companies - Your cell phone bill will be wrong at least three times this year...especially if you make any changes to your account. Have their phone number handy and when you call...good luck.
  20. Airlines - Especially if you are a frequent flyer with elite status, the "elite line" can be very helpful when your flight has been cancelled or indefinitely delayed. Recently, my 15 year old daughter spent an entire day in the airport dealing with cancellations and weather-related flight can be sure I was happy to have American Airlines number programmed into my cell phone.
  21. Movie Theatre/Performing Arts Center - A quick call will usually get you a list of shows and times. And if you forgot your GPS, press "3" for directions.    

This list has been adapted and updated from the Cranking Widgets Bog 

Andrew Sanderbeck 

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