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The Gallup Organization recently asked this question in a poll to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide:  If you knew that you had only 6 months left to live, would you live your life differently in anyway large or small?

The fact is we don't know how long we will be here on earth. We don’t know for sure if we will wake up on Saturday. We often hear the phrase, “Make the most out of everyday that we have.” Yet, we still get caught up in the details and dramas of life and forget what is truly important to us. We lose focus on we are and who we are becoming. 

In every moment there is an opportunity to create a new experience and memory

Fortunately most of us have more than 6 months to live. One of the main points of the survey of course, is what will you do to make the most out of your time. Here's my list of things to do to make the most out of each day:

Tell someone "I Love You"

Show someone that I Love Them

Laugh, often

Take at least a few moments to appreciate nature...especially when I am very busy

Learn something new...the other day I learned how to make a Pineapple Sandwich!

Listen to something or someone inspiring or motivational (Many times I find inspiration in music)

Write or read something inspiring or motivational (Some times I inspire others too)

Give a kind word or help to a stranger

Eat chocolate

Sleep well

Hug and be hugged, often

Dream of my next opportunity to travel

Step away from all of my life's stuff and enjoy the company of the people that I love and respect (and vice versa)

Live in the moment...instead of the past (If only I would have...) or the future (Tomorrow, I'll...)

Focus and take action on what I want in my life...instead of what I don't want

Separate myself from the drama of other people's lives (including those on TV)...reminding myself that their drama is not mine


By the way, 98% of people that responded to the Gallup survey said that they would live their life differently in some way large or small. What will you do differently?

Andrew Sanderbeck 

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