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Hard to believe it is August already.  The summer has flown by with many wonderful days spent with family and friends.

We have been welcomed back to do a 2-day Women's Leadership retreat for a client.  Last year we had a phenomenal time with these women exploring leadership with a herd of horses.  They walked away with many individual and collective lessons about themselves, how they show up in their leadership roles and in their relationships, the impact of their feelings on their actions, and a new awareness of how to utilize themselves in accomplishing their goals and dreams.   

The location for the Leadership retreat this year will be in Freemont Indiana at Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve.  I had the pleasure to visit Wild Winds last week with my mother and experience the beauty of this place.  It sets on 400+ acres of sacred land with over 200 head of buffalo, with many new born calves frolicking around their mothers and 15 horses.  

The owner of the preserve, John, showed us around in a 2-seater Polaris (4 wheel all train vehicle).  We entered the horse herd where I got to integrate and visit with each of the horses.  They cautiously and curiously allowed me to engage with them in just being together. 

Then we moved to the buffalo herd.  John instructed us not to touch the buffalo and to stay inside the Polaris.  He called to the herd and a large bull slowly approached him.  John pulled out a cut up apple and began feeding the bull.  The bull has been with John since the inception of this buffalo preserve and is the only buffalo that can be hand fed.  

As John fed the bull, another bull moved to my side of the Polaris and was soon within 10 feet of my arm.  Some of the mothers gathered around with their babies, and soon we surrounded on all four sides by buffalo.  It was a little intimidating to be so close to an animal that is wild yet it was a breathtaking and beautiful experience.

John soon ran out of apples and the bull started shaking his head (kind of like, oh no... I want more!), so we moved the Polaris away from them and watched them slowly walk away.  What an amazingly beautiful experience, one that will stay with me forever.

If you are looking for a unique experience to take the family on, check out Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve.  They offer tours of the buffalo herd daily and have a cafe where they serve meals of made from buffalo meat.  It's a short 3 hours drive on the turnpike from Cleveland, and is sure to be something you & your family will remember for years to come. 

We will be doing the Leadership retreat at the end of September.  I'm sure the serenity of the land, the sacred nature of the buffalo, the spirit of the horses and the collective group will provide each person a renewed sense of self, an appreciation of nature, along with some profound personal and leadership lessons.  

Wishing you all that is good in life! 

Sue E. Thomas

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Birthing the Rattles 

In preparation for birthing my rattles, my spiritual guidance surrounded me.  I had been given the vision of birthing the rattles during a sacred fire ceremony which would take place with a circle of women whom I’d been doing shamanic journeys with for 5 weeks.

As I gathered wood for our fire ceremony I received several messages (I’ve heard some people do not trust in what they hear for they believe it is themselves talking or something their mind makes up.  For me and many people, it is the voice of creator, spirit, God, what ever you choose to call a Higher Power.  I trust the voice I hear to guide my journey in life).  Read the rest of this entry » 

Decorating my rattles

Meaning making of decorating my rattles was a profound as making the heads were.  My rattles are similar in their decorations but hold very different meanings.  Both have deer hooves as the handles.  The masculine deer hoof is scared, wounded and even had some fur coming off in the process of the making because it had not dried properly.  Read the rest of this entry »

Continuing my healing journey…

As I continue on my path to healing my feminine side, I have yet to finish my rattles.  During a shamanic journey (kind of like a waking meditation) I asked what other preparations were needed to birth my masculine and feminine rattles.  What I saw in my journey was a ring; this is to represent the marriage and joining in union my masculine and feminine sides of myself.  I was also given the guidance to go to “The Works” in Kent to find the special ring. Read the rest of this entry »

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