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I had a new friend come visit me this week. (Itch, itch, scratch, scratch) Well, it was not exactly a friend...and it wasn't exactly a welcomed visitior. It was (and still is) Poison Ivy. This was quite a shocking development. To say that my face was red and swollen (and scary to look at!) would be an understatement. 

After a few days of trying to treat the symptoms myself, and wondering if I would look like this for ever, I gave in and went to see the doctor. One shot below the waist and a prescription later, I'm on the road to recovery. I have been warned that my prescription has side effects including binge eating and being grouchy. Oh how lucky my family will be for the next two weeks! This is my "big bad wolf" and it got me thinking about a quote that I saw earlier in the week. 

All of us have a "big bad wolf" that we're dealing with

We all have our big bad wolves. For some of us it can be a health issue seemingly out of nowhere. It could be an audit or a surprise from a Government Agency or a lawsuit. Maybe its an issue with money. Or a relationship issue with family and friends.

The big bad wolves seems to play no particular favorites. Well, except that most times the issue that brings the wolf calling is something that we have done to ourselves. Either consciously or subconsciously.

Obviously I did something to get Poison Ivy. Even if I don't remember how I came in contact with. I found it somewhere.

With our issues comes our fear. Fears that are real and imagined. Fears that can paralyze us into taking no action and that make our big bad wolves even bigger and badder. Since I didn't know it was Poison Ivy until I saw the doctor I was really afraid of what was happening to my body.  

So how are you doing with your issues? A quote that I really enjoy says "The question to ask yourself is not do I have any problems...we all do. Instead, the question to ask yourself is: 'Are these the same problems that I had last year or the year before.' If your problems have been around that long, it's time to do something different."

Life is full of choices. We can choose to do something differently or do it the same way. The question that we should ask ourselves is "Am I happy with the way that I am handling the situation?" 

If the answer is yes...keep going! If the answer is no...make a different choice. Face the fear and do it! 

Remember: You can always go back to what isn't working!

Andrew Sanderbeck 

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