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March 2006


The Secret to a Successful Organization - Continued

In February, we began uncovering the five secrets to a successful organization. All of which involve your greatest asset – your people!

1. Hire the right people.
2. Give them the tools to do a good job.
3. Provide them with positive, constructive feedback.
4. Develop them.
5. Reward them.

Last month, we focused on Secret #1. We listed valuable tips for hiring people who match your organization’s needs. (If you missed it, visit  and read February’s edition!)

This month, we concentrate on Secret #2:
Give them the tools to do a good job.

What tools do your people need to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently? Many managers tell me their employees have everything they need. But when I interview those employees or conduct a survey asking their opinions, their managers are surprised by the responses.

Put yourself in your employees’ shoes. Would you be able to do a better job if…

  • You had a faster computer?
  • There was a file cabinet for pertinent documents?
  • The printer/copier was closer to your desk?
  • You had a database program to track customers?
  • There were bins to organize inventory parts?
  • You had some help developing a report to track tasks?
  • The supplies weren’t locked up and you didn’t have to requisition every paperclip?

These may sound a little far-fetched, but employees have actually told me life would be easier if they had some basic things.

Sometimes the “tools” are intangible but provide information to motivate employees. Most employees want:

  • To know their job is important.
  • To see how they fit into the big picture.
  • To make a difference.
  • A clear vision of the company’s direction.
  • To learn about changes and how they will be affected.
  • Inspiring, forward-thinking and competent managers.
  • Open two-way communication.
  • Involvement in decisions that affect them.
  • Their ideas to be heard and considered.
  • Consistency, honesty and fairness.

When was the last time you asked your employees what would make their jobs easier or more fun? (Yes, fun! Fun in the workplace boosts morale and increases productivity.) The answers may surprise you. But if you ask, be prepared to take action!

Next Month:
We’ll delve into the third secret to a successful organization!

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