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This week in the Friday News Minute I dedicate this article to "drama" in our lives. No, not to increasing the amount of drama, rather to look at the "self-imposed drama" that we create in our lives and to find ways to minimze those dramas.
You don't have to make that a problem in your head for me
The hotel director, Clementina, on the Costa cruise ship Atlantica said those words ro me when we were having a discussion about the clothes I was wearing to meet her and the Captain of the ship. I voiced my concern to her that I was too casually dressed and feared that I did not show the proper respect to the officers.  
Her reply, "You don't have to make that a problem in your head for me", was to say the least, enlightening. I was making this a problem in my head and all I had to do to relieve the problem was ask her...if it indeed was a problem.
This situation reminded me that alot of self-imposed drama comes from a lack of information about a situation, usually followed by our imposed fear of what might happen.
This week, I challenge you to monitor your self-imposed drama. To look at your thoughts of fear and ask yourself if you have all of the information that you need. Perhaps what you need to do is ask a question, instead of fearing the worst! 
Andrew Sanderbeck
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