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I went for a walk around our neighborhood today. Our house is on top of a hill, and as you would expect the walk down the hill seemed to be quite a bit easier than the walk back up. A surprising thought occured to me during the walk...there are stressors to different areas of the body going both up and down the hill. Interesting.

It's all down hill from here

From the website, The specific phrase "it's all downhill from here" is at its simplest used to mean "The hard work's over, and it's all going to be much easier from now on", with (obviously enough) the idiom stemming from finally cresting the top of a hill and starting to go down the other side. (Actually, walking down a steep slope can be every bit as tiring as walking up one)
As many of you know, I have a very diverse client list. One week I am working with a library client somewhere in the United States, another week I am working with a University or College, the following week with a corporate client and a few times a year I'm teaching on a cruise ship sailing somewhere around the world.  
I have been working with both Public and Academic libraries for more than 10 years now and it bothers me to see them going through such difficult times. The recession and downturn in the economy have been especially difficult for the libraries and to make things worse, the number of people using the libraries has been steadily rising. The Haywood County Library in my community has had to cut both their hours of operation and some staff positions. Monies for continuing education and staff development are gone.  
This weekend at the American Library Association conference in Chicago, Illinois, I am launching a library sponsorship program that focuses on providing continuing education and training for library professionals. My goal is to sign up a number of vendors (whose businesses are supported by libraries) to become sponsors for the program to support libraries through these tough times.
I thought alot about my upcoming trip during my walk today and I realized that the steps I will be taking in Chicago represent my continuing steps up the hill to achieving this goal for both the libraries and my organization. I'm looking forward to writing a Friday News Minute in the near future that tells you that I have made it to the top of hill (the attainment of the goal) and to share what it is like to begin taking the next steps...whether they be down the hill or perhaps another few steps up the hill to a loftier goal. 
Wish me luck...and thanks for your support! A celebration of success is coming!
In the next 7 days I challenge you to take a look at your goals for this year and to evaluate where you are on the hill with each of them. I'm guessing that you may have already reached the top with some of your goals while other goals have yet to be manifested or achieved. Use this time as an opportunity to examine and reflect upon your progress on those goals not yet achieved. Then, without beating yourself up...plan your next steps. Make your plan, take the first step and recommit yourself to achieving your goal. Build a little momentum each day until you become unstoppable. One step toward your goal today. One step tomorrow. And one step each day after. Surprise! Some might even take two steps. And one will have made it to the top of the hill. You will have achieved your goal.
And then you can celebrate your success too!
Andrew Sanderbeck