The Friday News Minute!

A weekly gem of information you will be using on Monday!

Published by Andrew Sanderbeck

Managing Partner of The People~Connect Institute

I received quite a few emails this week about last Friday's message of "Looking Up", and the picture that I sent to you a few days ago. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of responses! One response that I received contained these words: Thank Goodness its the Friday News Minute! (TGIFNM) That was clever!

This week, my focus has been on manifesting my goals and dreams. I know that every one of us is a powerful co-creator, but I think that sometimes we forget or we  just might not be aware. I remember the first 30+ years of my life when I was not aware of what I could create in my life. I remember thinking that "stuff" just happens in my life and I didn't know exactly why.

Today, I'm still not sure that I know "exactly" why, but I do know sure is fun to be a part of the process. 

The Invisible Creation

Think of a goal or dream that you have had that you have experienced. One of the first goals/dreams that manifested in my life was when I became a Disc Jockey at a radio station in Canton, Ohio. Starting around the age of 14 I told everybody that would listen that I would be a DJ. At 19 years of age, I walked into the lobby of an AM/FM radio station and asked for a job. The Program Director smiled at me and said "It's interesting that you are here today...we have an opening." I went into the off-air production studio and created a "Demo" for the Program Director to review and was hired on the spot.

Many people were surprised that I was hired at that radio station. My only previous experience was at a college radio station. I wasn't surprised. In my subconscious mind I had been a DJ for years...and I had taken the action steps to make my dream a reality.

In his book "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind", Dr. Joseph Murphy explains the process of manifestation in our lives:

"All your experiences, events, conditions, and acts are the reactions of your subconscious mind to your thoughts. Remember, it is not the thing believed in, but the belief in your own mind that brings about the result. Cease believing in the false beliefs, opinions, superstitions and fears of mankind. Begin to believe in the eternal verities and truths of life which never change."

Ralph Waldo Emerson described our ability to manifest this way: "A man is what he what he thinks about all day long."

I offer you an opportunity to manifest. Select a goal or dream that you would like to experience. Set your intention to achieve it, monitor your thoughts and words for the next 7 days. Focus your powerful mind on thoughts of what it would feel like to manifest your goal or dream. When the fear thoughts of "I can't", "I'm not deserving", "I'm not enough" and "I'm not worthy" come into your mind, acknowledge them by saying "Up until now, I believed that I couldn't do it. But from now on I know that I will achieve my goal and this is my truth."

I am setting a goal for myself as well and have made my intention clear to my subconscious mind. I will share my results with you next week. I hope that you will share your reults too! Your goal can be large or small. The size really doesn't matter...what is important is that the goal matters to you.

Remember: Life's what you make it! Make it everything that you desire it to be!

Andrew Sanderbeck

If you would like a musical reminder, check out the lyrics and song "Life's What You Make It" by Talk Talk.