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Our times are changing fast!  With everything happening in our world we see a growing need for coping skills.  We want to support people by providing several workshops at a minimal fee, mainly to know you are committed to being here.  Our offer is for anyone open to new ideas and learning beneficial skills to support yourself.  

May 9th - Parenting Lessons from the Herd
$50 for the day as a commitment to your learning and growth.

May 14th - Boundaries (1 day)
$50 for the day as a commitment to your learning and growth.

May 21st & 2nd - Schedule an EquiCoaching or a Coaching session.
$20 an hour for either as your commitment to your learning and growth.

Call 330-274-2693 to reserve your workshop spot or schedule a coaching session.

We hope to provide you or someone you know with the support they need.  Additional dates will be announced as needed.  

If you desire something that we've not mentioned above, please let us know and we'll do our best to meet your needs. 

Wishing you all that is good in life!

Abuse is on the rise, know what to look for!

Our tough economic times are bringing out stress and extreme behaviors.  You read it in the paper every dayÖ if you can find it through the massive articles about foreclosures, stockmarket decline and the rising unemployment.  Spouses are shooting whole families then turning the guy on themselves. Robberies are rampant. Emotional, Verbal, Physical, Sexual, Child, Teen, and Elderly abuse is on the rise.  Read the rest of the story...

Responsibility to our boys

Have you ever wondered what a teenage boy thinks and feels?  Do you ever question yourself as a parent that you did everything in your power to help your son keep motivated, determined, and educated?  Well then Boys Adrift is interesting for you.  Boys Adrift is a great way to get inside a young maleís mind.  Of course, many men feel the need to fail in school, as if that makes them popular or fit in better in society, but in reality that is what isolates you farther from the community.  We really donít realize how much peer pressure takes its toll on these boys but he [author] really changes your perspective on how boys think and challenges us.  As a therapyist[sic], I really recommend Boys Adrift for any guardian that struggles or has fear for their soon to be men.  Read the rest of the story...

Parenting Principles from the Herd

Itís easy to question ourselves when time after time we find ourselves failing in our efforts to communicate with our children. Because horses have so much to teach about effective communication we frequently focus on it in our equine-facilitated workshops and sessions. Iíd like to share some lessons we have learned from the herd.  The rest of the story...

April 2009

Lead the Way:  Parenting Lessons from the Herd
May 9th - Special Pricing $50

Learn More
Boundaries - 1 day workshop
May 14th - Specail pricing $50
Learn More
EquiCoaching or Coaching Session
May 21st or 22nd
$20 Special Pricing
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