The Friday News Minute!

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Published by Andrew Sanderbeck

Managing Partner of The People~Connect Institute

This past weekend I had the experience of a lifetime. It was an experience I never wish to have again. The experience I'm referring to is food poisoning. I'm not going to bother your Friday with the details of the experience. Instead, I'm going to tell you why you should consider having the food poisoning experience yourself. 

Why I might wish that YOU could have a food poisoning experience too

Q: What worse than getting food poisoning from a family breakfast on Sunday morning?

A: Feeling less than wonderful and driving 11 hours on Monday to do presentations on Tuesday and Wednesday. FYI: Tuesday was rough. Wednesday I was feeling better.

A funny thing happens to you when you have food poisoning. Your body goes through a sort of cleansing. You certainly don't want to eat much of anything. Saltine crackers looked as good Heggy's Chocolates to me. (It's an Ohio thing...Heggy's Chocolates that is.)

And all of the other not so healthy food (that I have been accustomed to eating way too much of) quickly lost its appeal.

Quickly I began to understand the opportunity at hand from the food poisoning. When I did want to eat food again, I could choose not to eat so many sugar filled and salty tasting foods. I certainly wasn't craving or missing any of them when I was sick!

It was like a vicious cycle had been broken with my eating habits. Wow! I like that. I found a vicious way to break a vicious cycle!

In some strange way, this feels like a new beginning. Will I do anything with it? 

Well, I think I've made a little progress so far. I didn't buy a pound bag of Snyder's of Berlin Bar-B-Q Potato Chips and consume it on my trip to Ohio this time. I did go to Heggy's and buy 2 pounds of chocolates. Proudly, I can tell you that I choose to give at least one pound of them away. And unlike every other trip to Canton in recent memory, I have made it home without touching or consuming even one of the delicious chocolates or potato chips.

Apparently, and quite surprisingly, I am starting some new habits of eating. poisoning wasn't such a bad thing after all.

Yes it was. It was awful.

 Andrew Sanderbeck