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From time to time, life can bring each of us a few disappointments. Someone lets us down, doesn't take us seriously or dosen't keep their word. Sometimes we disappoint ourselves to. In an audio program by Jim Rohn  he says "The same wind blows for everyone. It's how you set your sails that matters." We all will face challenges and opportunities in life, including some disappointing moments. How do we recover from them? That's the help provided in this week's FNM. 

Thanks for all of the emails from those of you that have missed this publication over the past few weeks. I've recovered from a few disappointments and am back on track! Happy Valentine's!-- Andrew

Overcoming Disappointment - Questions To Ask Yourself If Someone Has Disappointed You

Many times we are counting on another person to be there for us and they let us down. This can lead to feelings of sadness and disappointment. If someone that you know has not been there for you when you had believed and expected they would be, it is time to ask yourself some difficult questions.

If this situation has happened to you, take some time to think it through. What valuable lessons have you learned from this experience? When this has happened to me I remember that I am responsible for my own life. If something needs to be addressed in my life it is up to me to handle it. If I need for some specific action to be taken in an area that I am not able to deal with, I must find the right people for the job. Many times this means that I must hire someone to do something that another person was going to do for me out of friendship.

From Connie Ragen Green


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