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Happy New Year!!! This week in my Friday News Minute, I give you a poem and a picture to start off 2009. My challenge to you is to see every situation at work, home and in life through the eyes of learning and love. And my second challenge is to respond to these situations in kindness. - Andrew 

Lilac - Unknown Photographer

To surrender to love, you will need to pay attention to any of your own emotions,
moods, or thoughts that might lead you to act in less than loving ways.
You may need to surrender pride, a sense of self-importance,
or the need to have your way, to feel superior to, or to have power over others.

You will want to let go of those emotions that make you feel less than,
inferior, or doubtful of your worth.
You will want to train yourself to think about others in positive ways,
even if you feel they have hurt you.
You will want to bring about harmonious conditions through your speech,
actions, and thoughts.

Discover any reactions to others that may contain
even the slightest desire to hurt them.
Watch your moods and feelings so you can still be loving to others
even when you are experiencing negative emotions yourself.
Surrender to love, and respond to those around you with kindness.

~ Quote: Sanaya Roman ~
Excerpted from:
Surrender To Love


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