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We all have challenges to face and at times they can feel insurmountable.  Our economy has and continues to provide us with opportunities to renew our ways of thinking and doing, to break habits of spending, test our resourcefulness, hone our individual and corporate value systems, challenge our humanness, and stretch us out of our comfort zones. 

Each of us is being given a gift.  Yes, a gift of challenge to contemplate what is important, challenge our very existence of how we live our life and to break out of self-imposed and self-limiting behaviors.  That is, if we CHOOSE to look at it this way.

When things become hard, do you look for new ways of doing things?  Or do you lament over how bad things are?  Do you listen endlessly to the barrage of bad news, the bailout of the auto companies and banks, or do you take it in and move yourself positively forward?

Times are different.  They're not good or bad, only your thinking makes them that.

If you take a pebble and drop it into a pond, does it make ripples?  And how far do those ripples go?  Just like a pebble, a small change in thinking or doing can make larger ripples that touch your life and that of others.  A small difference can start transformation, which leads to another change which can create a whole wave of action.

~ Smile at everyone today.  Make it a real smile and see who smiles back.  Before long the whole office will be smiling.

~ Don't take on the burden alone.  Ask your employees or family where spending can be cut.  Then listen to them. The impact will not only affect spending, but increase open and honest communication.

~ Reach out to a friend, trusted colleague or professional.  Life is not meant to be lived in isolation.  We need human contact, someone to listen to us, check our reality with, to provide advice, and offer support.   

~ Skip the mocha latte this week!  You probably don't want the extra calories, and you can bank the saving for when you need something.

~ Have a family or company meeting to discuss what's important.    Create values.  Getting input from everyone creates buy in and a  sense of being in it together.

~ Make a date with a loved one.  Rent a good movie, make a meal together, share good conversation, pop some popcorn and enjoy relaxing time together.  (Pay it forward, or Peaceful Warrior are great)

~ Let only positive things out of your mouth for a whole day! Notice the shift in people around you.
~ Help a friend, co-worker, or someone you don't know.  Doing something kind for someone that doesn't expect it can feed your soul and brighten someone elses's day.
 ~ Take time to get quiet inside, breathe deeply and notice what surfaces.  The quiet can produce an untapped wealth of information, solve problems, define what's important or give new perspective to something.

~ Think about what you want to be different in your life or a goal you'd like to obtain. Write down 5 small things you can do to move it forward in the desired direction.  Then complete at least one of them today. 

Nick Vujicic provides some inspiration in his video  "Are you going to finish strong"  When you think you can't get up, change your life, are stuck in a negative pattern of self-pity, or just can't find the motivation to move forward.... think of Nick and try again.

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