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This week in my Friday News Minute, Ihave an article to share with you on gratitude and giving thanks. Considering the time of seemed like a perfect article to share with you! Enjoy! - Andrew 


ratitude is one of the fastest ways to raise or shift ones energy.  Start where you can.  Sometimes we must begin with being grateful for the bed we are lying on, or the breath that is moving in and out of our bodies.  The object here is to pull your energy into a higher place and then build and weave the energy so that you are abiding in the Unified Plane.  Be very aware if and when you drop your energy.  If necessary repeat the previous acknowledged gratitudes.

This exercise is an effective way of tracking what it feels like to have your thoughts coming from the higher mind.  Notice as you get a stream of gratitudes going how it affects the vibration of your mind.  Contrast this feeling/experience to when your mind is chattering or negative.  This is a wonderful practice of training your mind to enter the Unified Plane.

Two ways to utilize this tool:
#1 Be Grateful for what ever comes into your mind in the moment . See how long you can keep the flow going.  Do this exercise with family and friends.  Experience what happens as this grows.  Watch your vibration and experiences change!

•Your loved ones  • friends  • your health  • the money you already have  • your safety •your creativity • your job • the food you are eating • your possibilities • your support systems • your pets • the beauty around you • your ability to see • your ability to choose • your guidance • your etc

#2  Create a gratitude notebook of positive aspects (Abraham).  Find specific subjects on which you are working, or wanting to expand. Start finding gratitude for what is already there. This is a PERFECT exercise to utilize when you are having an issue with a situation or someone in your life. Work with this notebook on a daily basis.  As you write down any positive aspect or gratitude for someone or something, you will raise yourself to a higher vibration and be in the position to attract and experience more. 

• Your health…list all the ways your body is working for you. You might list that you can breathe easily, walk, speak, digest, hear, see, feel, sense, etc..  Remember to stay with the positive gratitudes.  Don’t list something that lowers your vibration.  If I am having problems breathing today I would not list “breathe easily.”  The body is always taking us to balance.  Acknowledge it, be loving and patient and listening as it moves to its balance.

• Your partner that is “doing something to you.”  Please know that you can find some positive aspect.  Perhaps you can acknowledge that he/she is trying to find answers, that they are frightened and wanting to feel better, that they are doing the best they can at this time, that they are determined, that they are generous in some area, that they are kind to animals, that they have gathered some special skills, etc.


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