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Published by Andrew Sanderbeck

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This week in my Friday News Minute, I have an article to share with you about being liked and building healthy relationships.  This article by Donald Latumahina looks at 33 tips to becoming a well liked person. While I enjoy the one simple rule he lists here, I also caution you to remember that forming relationships only on the basis of being liked is usually a very painful experience. When your goal is to be respected by others you will find that you are usually liked by others too!  - Andrew 

Being well liked is what most people want in relationships. The benefits are obvious. You will get the help you need at the time you need it. People will give you information about new opportunities you didn’t know before. Above all, they will really care and love you.

But how could you get other people to like you? How could you become a well liked person? There is actually just one simple rule to follow: you should like other people before they like you. When people realize that you like them, it’s very likely that they will also like you.

streamingRegarding this, I believe that there is one and just one message you need to deliver in your relationships. Delivering this message is the key to strong relationships, and here it is:

You are important to me.

That’s it. No more, no less. Not “your money” nor “your knowledge”, but “you” - as a person - are important to me. Anything you should do in relationships stems from this message. There more you succeed in delivering this message, the more people will like you.

So here I’d like to share 33 tips on how to deliver this message in your relationships. Consequently, these are also tips to become a well liked person. Here they are:

  1. Give your contacts a big smile when you meet them. Make them feel that you are really happy to meet them.
  2. Give your full attention to the people you converse with as if nothing else is important.
  3. When they ask for your attention, leave whatever you are doing.
  4. When they call you, greet them with enthusiasm as if you are longing for their call.
  5. Don’t make them wait.
  6. Print the list of your contacts and look at it in your spare time. It will remind you of whom to touch base.
  7. Always reply your contacts’ emails and text messages.
  8. Reply their emails and text messages in the first chance you get.
  9. Shake their hands with enthusiasm.
  10. Praise them sincerely when they do something good. Make them feel that you are proud of them.
  11. Always return their calls.
  12. Send a message to them on their birthdays. Even better, call them.
  13. Drop your old contacts quick emails or text messages to ask how they are doing.
  14. Remember their names and achievements.
  15. Remember important facts about them, especially the things they really care about (you may want to write them down).
  16. Introduce them to the people in your contact who may help them out.
  17. Actively find the deepest needs they may have (without waiting for them to explicitly tell you).
  18. Take initiative to give them the solutions they need.
  19. Give thanks for them in your session of gratitude.
  20. Mention their names in your prayer.
  21. Talk with them about their life.
  22. Ask them specific questions about things they care about. They will realize that you care enough to remember their facts.
  23. Give them something precious you have. Time is a good candidate.
  24. Go eat with them. Even better, treat them.
  25. When you meet them, don’t look at your watch as if you have something more important to do.
  26. When you talk to them, don’t look over their shoulder as if you are looking for someone more important to talk to.
  27. Send the quick tips or articles you just found which may benefit them.
  28. Message them encouraging words or quotes.
  29. Lend them the best books or DVDs you have.
  30. Talk to them about how you like your other friends. They will think that you may talk the same way about them.
  31. Don’t talk negatively to them about how you don’t like your other friends. They will think that you may also talk the same way about them.
  32. Occasionally mention their names in your conversation with them.
  33. Be creative to give them small surprises every now and then.



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