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This week in my Friday News Minute, I have an article to share with you about communication and relationships. In almost every workshop or seminar that I present, the subject of effective communication in relationships is discussed One of the barriers to "real" communication is that many of us tend to communicate on the surface, not going deep into ourselves and sharing with others. This article looks at deep and meaningful communication and I'll include the link at the end.  - Andrew 

Deep and Meaningful Conversation

To have deep and meaningful conversations is to talk about mental and spiritual things. All surface communication is about the world without, the mundane and the superficial. Deep conversation talks about the world within. All conversation is for discovering ourselves. It is about discovering who we are and where we are going. 

Listen to what people are saying about themselves. Be ready to point out what they say as what they think or desire about themselves. Recognize the thoughts that create the reality of their life situations and how they are like. This will make them feel that you can really help them to discover themselves. When you realize that people express themselves to you in conversation truly for the purpose of experiencing themselves, you will be able to help them fulfill that purpose.

In every interaction, you can give self esteem to another person or take some away from that person. Notice when others are giving you self esteem or taking it away from you by their verbal and nonverbal communication. Find people whom you can discuss your most important life issues in an intelligent and supportive manner. If you cannot talk to someone comfortably about your ideas, that person cannot be close to you. Everything is an idea. We are nothing but our ideas. Talking about your ideas is talking about yourself.

The most important thing in any relationship is communication. In fact, communication is the essence of the relationship. It lives or dies based on it. The communication is the relationship. The quality of your relationship is the quality of your communication. Everything in the relationship is one form of communication or another. All communication is transfer of energy in-formation.

By Enoch Tan.


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