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This week in my Friday News Minute, I focus on appreciating what we have in our lives. It seems that most of us, most of the time are more concerned with what what don't have compared to others. Check out this article by Dani Johnson and learn one of the secrets of life: Focusing on what you don't have...only brings more of it into your life. - Andrew 

Appreciate What You Have And You Will Receive More

Do you whine, murmur and complain about what you don't have or what is not going right in your life. Understand this universal principle, if you are not thankful, grateful and vocal about the blessings you have, you will not receive more. Understanding this fundamental concept will help you lead a happier, richer and more fulfilled life. It is so painful to see people who are in an absolutely blessed situation who will not vocalize the blessings that are all around them. They either deny the blessings, don't see the blessings or the blessings don't meet their expectations.

Life has a funny way of taking things away from you in order to make you grateful. For example, when that car that you've complained about finally dies and you have no way of getting anywhere, you wish for the day that you had that car. Or, while sleeping in an uncomfortable hotel bed, you realize how fortunate you are to have such a nice bed at home. You now appreciate the things that have been taken away from you.

Look at our brothers and sisters in Louisiana, Mississippi and surrounding areas who suffered from the devastating hurricanes. They ended up wanting so badly for the simplest things in life like privacy and a roof over their heads with their own bed to sleep in. These simple things were taken for granted every day.

Life has a way of stripping the things that we are not grateful for to make us grateful for those things. If you want to receive greater and bigger blessing, you have to clearly recognize the current blessing that you are in right now. Be thankful, grateful and vocal about the blessings in your life right now and it will change your entire attitude. You will live each day with a spirit of gratitude and you and everyone around you will be much happier and fulfilled.

Dani Johnson is an author, speaker, trainer and founder of Call to Freedom Int'l.


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