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This week in our Friday News Minute, we look at attracting more happiness into our lives in an article by Vikash Kumar. Vikash writes from a more spiritual perspective than most authors and I found his approach to be rather refreshing. 

Do you know the universe is ready to give you anything you want? The only two things you must do, in order to get what you want, is to have a prolonged thought about your goal and to take action on your thoughts. And that goal could be a happy life. Other requirements are that, your thoughts should be attached with your feelings. You should feel happy about what you want from life.

Why is it important to feel happy and joyful? You need to understand that we are living in a universe which has given the birth to all of us. And that should be a living universe. And in reality, this universe is a living universe. And the only language this universe knows is the communication through feelings. If you feel bad, it will assume that you want to feel bad. As well as if you feel good it will assume that you want to feel good. And the universe will ensure that you have experiences which give you good and pleasant experiences in your life.

Then, if it is important to feel happy, is there any method to achieve that feeling on a continuous basis? The answer is yes. When you are feeling any negative thoughts you can change in an instant by singing a song or playing with your pet or anything you like the most. You can create your own list of emotion changers.

Keep your mind focused only those thoughts in your mind and block everything else. This will change how you are feeling at that moment and that feeling will bring you in a state where you can be as close to the universe to get what you are feeling and that includes things related to wealth, health and happiness.

One other thing related to happiness is to understand your human nature, that human beings are not perfect. So you are allowed to do mistakes as well as your friends and relatives. You have to forgive yourself whenever any mistake done by you as well mistakes made by others to you. Happy people have a big heart!

Apply these principles and begin to achieve the happiness in your life that you desire.


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