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This week in our Friday News Minute, we look at 4 reasons why you should hire a coach for your personal and professional development! I am a big believer in hiring a coach and have used coaches to help me with my speaking business, physical health and personal growth after going through a divorce. Each coach has empowered and taught me things that have exponentially propelled my growth and belief in myself. Is this the moment for you to hire a coach for yourself? Read on and find out!

   1.  The Pro's Do It...and You're worth it too!

Every professional athlete and major business player utilize the services of coaches to help them to newer and greater levels of success. Wenzel Coaching, an organization that coaches cyclists and multi-sports athletes, offers training for people of all ages and skill levels. Check out this success story from their website

"I have read every book on training and they are great as far as it goes, but they are not specific enough to apply to individual training. With James, it's like he's there with you helping you achieve your training goals. I'm 54 years old and this is the best damned thing that's ever happened to me. I'm already getting better and this is the most fun I've been allowed to have since I was a kid. I'm lovin' it." ~Mendell Patton


   2.  Books, Audio's and DVD's are a good start but...

Coaches hold you accountable to the outcomes that you want...a book will never be able to do that. Coaches are there to encourage you and to help you look at situations from a different perspective. A book, while inspiring...usually won't take you to the finish line. That's where your coach becomes so invaluable. Many coaches recommend books, audio's and even movies as a part of your coaching, One of my favorite coaching tools is music!  

Are you ready to hire your own personal or business coach? Take the short assessment at the end of this newsletter to find out!   

3.  Goals and Dreams That Come True Require A Plan of Action

A coach has no hidden agendas or motives when it comes to your goals and dreams. They just want to support you in your vision, and help get you back on track when you feel like pulling your hair out. Family members and friends may be to close to you and as one of my favorite quotes says: "People don't want you to change because then they have to change too." Coaches want you to make healthy changes in your life...that's one of the reasons why you hire them!

4.  Your Self-Esteem Deserves It!

No, I'm not talking about having you brag to others about how great you are because you have a coach. Actually, I've had quite a few people ask me to coach them and I refused to, because they weren't committed to their goals. They talked a good goal or dream...but they didn't take action and broke their own promises to themselves. While I love to coach people, they must be willing to do the work. Coaching is not for everyone, sometimes...we just aren't ready. I can think of many times when I was finished a session with one of my coaches how I saw the result of my efforts and it really boosted my self-esteem and confidence. And I have found that when my self-confidence is high...I can handle almost any challenge. What about you?


Are You Ready for a Coach?

For a wide variety of reasons, not everyone is ready to be coached. Coaching requires time, commitment, and a willingness to change and grow. Coaching is about creating the business and personal life you have always wanted. Take the inventory below to determine whether or not you will benefit from working with a coach.

Client Instructions: Mark each item as True or False.
Once finished, score yourself using the key at the bottom of the page.

Questions True False
1. I can commit to keeping my regularly scheduled appointment with my coach, even if it means having to reschedule an appointment.
2. My coach can count on me to always tell the truth, even when it's painful to the coach or me.
3. I am ready to begin eliminating negative patterns that have been holding me back.
4. I understand that in coaching, the "client does the work," not the coach.
5. I am open and ready to try new ideas in both my business and personal life.
6. I like investing in myself and see coaching as a long-term investment in improving all aspects of my life.
7. Coaching works in small, incremental steps over time. I feel comfortable knowing that it may take 6-12 months before I see significant results.
8. If something is not working in my relationship with my coach, I will let my coach know immediately so we can immediately take action to improve the situation.
9. I have adequate funds to pay for coaching without feeling guilty or resentful about the coaching fee.
10. I'm looking for a partner who can share my successes and help me cope with my challenges.
11. I'm ready to let go of any chaos in my life.
12. I'm prepared to invest time in myself outside of my coaching calls by completing any fieldwork I agree to do.

SCORING: Give yourself 1 point for each "True."

TOTAL SCORE (add up all the "true" statements)


10-12 You're definitely ready for a coach and for making big changes in your life. Ask your coach to challenge you to grow by making major requests!

8-10 You're ready to begin coaching. Let's get started!

5-7 Coaching may be uncomfortable for you at this time. You will benefit from the coaching relationship to the extent that you are willing to grow and change, even when it may be inconvenient or painful.

0-4 You're not ready for an individual coach right now. Try taking a group coaching teleclass, seek professional help with some of the challenges you are facing, or visit us when your circumstances are more conducive to you benefiting from coaching.


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