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This week in our Friday News Minute, a message from the Soul Woman, Molly Harvey. I receive her newsletter every month and found her latest one to be on the mark for you! Enjoy and feel free to sign up for Molly's newsletter by clicking on the link that I have provided at the end of her article. 

Are you doing what you love every day that you live? It takes courage, perserverance and willingness to do what you love and very often you will have to step away from what is safe and predictable.

I have just returned from Ireland where I had trusted my intuition and went with the flow. What was to unfold was a weekend of wonder, magic, laughter and stories. Being home again made me realize that to laugh is the quickest bridge between strangers and the finest path between friends.

Why not let your mind take you back to a funny moment right now and remember it. Do you know that there is a song so deep within your soul, it is only heard as laughter?

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Now is the time for real and positive change in the world. It is time to come home to our own individualisation. Every life is branded with luminous moments and what if in this moment you did one thing differently? Today?
What if you just believed that doing one thing could change the direction of your life?
What if you just made the point of laughing out loud?
Perhaps on this day your inner dreams will awaken you and you will say yes?
Perhaps today you will have the courage to trade your 'is' for the 'if'.
Perhaps today you will stay with the awareness that the most profound events happen in a fleeting moment of our lives, so remember to stay awake and aware.

In the month of March, may you get in touch with the flame of wonder within you, let yourself be carried on the wings of laughter and do something different every day.

The Soul Woman

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