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Published by Andrew Sanderbeck

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This week in our Friday News Minute, we explore the second part of our series on growing and nourishing our self-esteem with more tips and techniques that you can immediately start to use.


1. Renegotiate any broken agreements in your life – The time is always now to fix, rework or cancel a broken promise. Broken promises weigh us down heavily with feelings of guilt and failure. And even worse…they activate those little voices in our heads that tell us things that aren’t true including “Nobody loves me, I am not good enough and I’m not worthy.”


2. Say it isn’t so – Did anyone else think of the song of the same name by the group The Outfield? Anyway, back to the point. When others judge or criticize you harshly, be quick to tell yourself “No matter how you treat me, I am a worthwhile person.”


3. Ask for affection – 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 to maintain emotional health and 12 for growth. Remember: Not everyone likes to hug…but a lot of people do!


4. Create calm in your life – Create quiet time so that you can listen to and hear the inner voice that guides you.


5. Adjust your outlook – Apply the formula E+R = O in your life!

    Event + Response = Outcome

    You can control how you feel about what happens to you when you control your response. Most times we automatically react to events…and our outcomes include stress, dis-ease and anger.


6. Act “As If” – What would you do if you were promoted? How would act if you were at your target weight? What would you do if you were financially free? Act “As If” and create the person that you desire to become.


7. Start a “Warm and Fuzzy File”- Include a rundown of your achievements; keep those nice things that people have said about you including thank you notes and cards. Create a list of 50 good things about yourself! If you don’t like yourself…your self-esteem will suffer.


8. Simplify! – Fix or throw out anything that doesn’t work. Old clothes…get them out of your closet this weekend! Balance your checkbook, clear out that garage or storage space.


Consider this: Finish what you start – it frees up your life!


9. Don’t give up on your dreams and goals – Have you ever read a Chicken Soup for the Soul book? Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson were told “no” by 133 publishers. That’s right…133 publisher’s tried to kill their dream. They learned that no…simply means NEXT! At last count, there were more than 30 Chicken Soup books in the series with more than 40 million copies sold.


I wish you only the best in life and challenge you to everyday do something positive for your self and your self-esteem.


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