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Published by Andrew Sanderbeck

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This week in our Friday News Minute, we begin a two part series of tips to help you boost your self-esteem. Defined as "A realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself", your self-esteem is one of the critical factors in determining your level of self-worth and in turn, your value to others. Building your self-esteem is as important as building any other part of your life. Let's start with 10 ways to help you boost your self-esteem!


1. Let yourself experience those uncomfortable moments - Your ego sure doesn't like this thought, yet for you to grow you must experience change. Change is uncomfortable for many reasons and yet your self-esteem will grow as you learn to experience the uncomfortable and to accept it is a friend.


2. Picture yourself in top form - This is where you can really put your mind to work! Many of us have learned that "what we believe is what we create in our life", so see and feel proud of yourself doing a job well done before you even do it. Repeat this exercise everyday so that it becomes a habit and eventually it becomes a part of who you are!


3. Talk to the mirror (or write a success entry into your journal) - For approximately 3 minutes before you go to bed look at yourself and review out loud (or in writing) what you did that day that you are proud of. All items large and small are welcomed. Do this for 30-45 days to get yourself in the habit of recognizing the positive difference that you make in the lives of others.


4. Create a victory wall - This is your own private (or public) area where you post diploma's, certificates and photo's of you doing something wonderful! Use it as an are that focuses on your strenghts and accomplishments. Be proud! This wall is a direct reflection of who you are and who you are becoming.


5. Adopt an attitude of gratitude - People like being around others that have a healthy self-esteem. (Not a big ego!) Be greatful for the people that you have in your life. Thank them for helping you, thank them for supporting and loving you. Be thankful for the things in life that you have! People with low self-esteem focus on the things and relationships in life that they don't have.


6. GO FOR IT! - Whatever it is that you desire in life! Want to write a book? Go for it! Want to start your own business? Go for it! Want to do something you've always dreamed of doing? Go for it! The only person that is stopping you. And your ego says "What if you screw it up?" Remember this: Even when you make a mistake, you learn something that puts you one step closer to your success. 


7. Ask for support - When you need help or maybe just a compliment or affirmation, ask for it. Create a small group of people that will support each other...especially when your not feeling as good about yourself as you should.


8. Build other people's self-esteem - It could be a kind word, or maybe that you just were a good listener to someone working through a problem. Make it a priority in your life to praise others everyday. Everyone can use a little boost!


9. If you think it, ink it! - Write down your personal goals on index cards. Create an idea journal for your ideas. When the thoughts come to mind, capture them in writing so that  you will remember them for the future.


10. Make bedtime a happy time - Your last waking moments of the day need to be in a space that brings you feelings of happiness and joy. Going to bed happy usually means you will wake up happy too. Look around your bedroom. Do the "things" that surround you make you feel good about yourself? Do you like your bed? The comforter, pillows and sheets? If not, start to make the change happen. Set a goal. "In 60 days I will sleep in a room that makes me feel happy and joyful."   



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