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This week in the Friday News Minute we look at Conscious Leadership in article from Lisa Berg, a colleague and friend, and President of Global Bridge Productions. Lisa’s article highlights an important part of our workplace transference from the Information Age to the Age of Consciousness, also called the Age of Enlightenment. Many believe that we will be entering this next evolutionary stage within the next five years…others believe that we have already begun to make this transition.

The time has come for us to move past the illusion of separateness.

Conscious leadership calls for inclusivity, multidimensionality, intergenerational and interdisciplinary focus and common experience that goes beyond boundaries of rank, belief systems or nationality and touches the core of who we are.
What can we do to reach this level of inner and outer harmony that comes through collective efforts rather than conflict?  What do wisdom traditions offer that is relevant in our modern world?

Listen from the heart to what has meaning and lead from there. As a cross-cultural consultant I work with hundreds of corporate employees working internationally. Rather than judge one another, we teach our clients to go beneath the surface of a behavior that differed from their own to find deeper meaning. This led to understanding and acceptance, more productive negotiations and perhaps even a shared knowing.

For example, when a Japanese business man is silent, it is wise to note that the Japanese listen to the ‘hara’, the belly, for information rather than use superfluous words and explanations. Not rushing into an answer is wise. We can learn from each other, if we take the time to slow down enough to listen.

Appreciate what I call the Three Points of Connection: Nature, Humanity and Universal Wisdom.  In the beautiful rice fields of Bali, Indonesia stands a shrine. The farmer is reminded of his connection to his fellow human beings, to Nature and to the Spirit world. The Balinese give offerings throughout the day to the Gods. The peacefulness in the air is palpable. There is a feeling of generosity and oneness. And lots of smiling.

When leaders and citizens remember to appreciate the Three Points of Connection, everything else will fall into place. We will know, from deep within, that to care for our environment is not only a privilege but natural because as we care for the earth we care for ourselves. We will know that going beyond boundaries of difference and age-old conflict enables us to make peace with our neighbors and co-create a world where children live happily and healthfully. And, when we return to source as the partner in creating our world, we will not falter in our ability to move towards a positive future that is inclusive of all sentient beings, as the great mystical traditions teach.

Creating a harmonious and inclusive future takes a village. Gather small groups in your organization and begin to listen deeply to each other. Better yet, take a walk outside and commune with Nature. Give thanks for the beauty that surrounds you and take time to smell the roses. All things will go smoother from there.


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