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This week in our Friday News Minute we explore the power and necessity of celebrating our failures, and introduce the concept of emotional anchors in our decision making process.

 We had a great training session last week. Everyone in attendance had miserably failed at some aspect of their job in the recent past. It was super to hear the stories of crushing defeat. Our exercise required each person to share a story of a situation that went wrong. Everyone rose to the occasion. Some of the stories involved some serious lost opportunities. Others were merely garden-variety disappointments. Each afforded us an opportunity to analyze a real-life management situation. We were able to discuss the facts of what went wrong and why. More importantly, we were able to re-invoke the emotional content of the situation.

No one tries to take a good business opportunity and mess it up. We do what we do and we say what we say because it feels like the right thing at the time. Often our feelings lead us astray. The wrong move can feel very right. If you are going to change the results that you get, you’ll have to change the actions that you take. To change your actions, you’ll have to realize which of your feelings are currently leading you down the wrong path. Our exercise at the above mentioned training session involved identifying feelings that signaled potential wrong turns in real managing situations and then associating more appropriate actions with those feelings.

It is tempting to think that you can learn a new management technique and then go right out and apply it. It would be nice if this were so. Of course, if that was true, everyone would learn from a book and we’d all be writing books. Professional trainers know that technique instruction by itself is bound to fail. People must first discover and admit their wrong turns. Then they must identify how they felt at the time. Anchoring the new, more desirable, behavior to the feeling will provide a means of recognizing the potential pitfall the next time that situation occurs. Learn to utilize this anchoring technique and you’ll get watch your people learn twice as fast and you’ll spend a lot more time getting the things done that will make you and your organization much more successful! 

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